You will find CMMS teams at nursing homes, hospice, assisted living facilities, clinics, surgery centers, and home bound patients — any place with patients that are restricted in travel to an imaging center. Physician referrals and home health care companies look to us for our history of good service and company culture.

Mobile Medical Services


Digital X-Ray

Our digital x-rays use high frequency equipment. These mobile systems enable the technologist to provide a quality radiograph on otherwise difficult studies and with a minimum of stress to the patient. Once the image is captured, the digital system gives the entire medical team access to the images via the internet. These images can be manipulated to adjust density and contrast, enabling a far superior diagnostic image than ever available. All our systems are designed to be lightweight and have a small footprint, making them perfect for use in patient rooms. Even stairways and narrow hallways are no barrier for our systems.



Diagnostic sonography is an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used for visualizing various body structures. It is stress and pain free, and, when performed using our new digital equipment, offers immediate images for your staff.


CMMS offers a full spectrum of EKG studies, Mobile exams are performed at the patient’s bedside and provides immediate electronic interpretation. A printout with interpretation can be left with the facility.

Client Testimonials

"I love the ordering process. It's so easy and the service is fast and personal."

- San Antonio Supportive Care

"We are a very satisfied customer of CMMS, and have been for several years. They are easy to contact, prompt to respond, and their technologist are very courteous."

- Parkview Nursing and Rehab

"We have noticed a tremendous decrease in turn around time since we switched to CMMS."

- TPC Family Medicine

"I have been using CMMS for quite some time. They dependable and centered around customer service"

- Straight to You Healthcare

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